The Boy King, Tutankamun


Tutankamun was a boy king. He died in about1344 B.C. He was buried in the Valley of the Kings where 30 other Egyptiankings were buried in separate tombs. He was buried by the Egyptians in April,1323 B.C. and was discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon on November26, 1922.

Howard Carter started working with archaeologywhen he was 17. In 1900, he was sent to work in Upper Egypt. He loved hisjob in Egypt working in the ancient burial sites. In 1904 he was transferredto Lower Egypt. After awhile lots of people didn't want to work with himbecause he got mad very easily. Carter quit his job and did different thingsaround Egypt. Sometimes he got to work at an excavation. Carter startedworking in the Valley of the Kings when he met Lord Carnarvon. Lord Carnarvonwas a wealthy man who was very kind and loved cars and was interested inEgypt. In 1903 Howard Carter set up a little shop in Luxor. That is wherehe met Lord Carnarvon. Howard Carter convinced Lord Carnarvon that therewas another tomb in the Valley of the Kings so Carnarvon paid for the excavation.They started their search for King Tutankamun. It took them 7 years beforethey made their huge discovery.

In the passageway they found treasures from King Tut's tomb that the tomb robbers must have dropped on the way out. They slowly chipped away the antechamber entrance after clearing all the rocks and dirt from the passageway. As they entered the Antechamber the very first thing they saw was a large cylindrical jar of alabaster.Two statues stood guarding the door to the burial chamber. Throughout the excavation they worked through three chambers finding more and more treasures.There were many gold artifacts and wonderful Egyptian paintings. They realized that they had found what they had been looking for, a pharaoh's tomb that had most of the artifacts intact.

Articles found in King Tutankhamum's Tomb

A Map of King Tutankhamum's Tomb