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In this section, we'll show you some of the really good books and web sites to go to.

Chess for Dummies

by James Eade
This was the first book we purchased. It's what really got us started with chess, and it's a great book to begin with.
Play Winning Chess

by Yasser Seirawan and Jeremy Silman
Yasser is the best chess author around! This book explains the basics of a game of chess: space, time, force, and pawn structure. Yasser's other books, Winning Chess Tactics, Winning Chess Strategies, Winning Chess Brilliances, and Winning Chess Openings are also very good.
My System

by Aron Nimzowitch
This book is considered a breakthrough in chess ideas by almost all chess fans. Nimzowitch talks about key concepts such as blockading, overprotection, and isolated Pawns. A must-have for any chess reader.
Reasses your Chess

by Jeremy Silman
This is a really good book for intermediate players who need new ideas for strategies and plans.

Here are some web sites that you can use to enhance your game:
The United States Chess FederationREMOTEUSCF's web site. Here, you can get rating lists, information on upcoming tournaments, and more.
FIDE's web siteREMOTE You can get information on FIDE at this site.
The Internet Chess ClubREMOTEHere, you can sign up for the ICC, the biggest internet chess club on earth! You can watch Grandmasters play, attend in simultaneous exibitions, and more! The ICC has it's own rating system, and you get a rating if you register.
Chess.NetREMOTEThis is a lot like the ICC, but it's a smaller club and free of charge.
The Chess LabREMOTEThis site has a database of over two million games! If you want information of the King's Gambit, for instance, you just put in the moves, it searches, and "viola!" you have a list of games that opened with the King's Gambit! This site can be really helpful sometimes.