Lesson Plans

The following lesson plans have been arranged to develop students abilities in four areas, namely knowledge, critical thinking, values and communication skills.

They have been planned for students in Grades 10 to 12 and are related to the Human and Social Sciences learning area. They do not follow any specific curriculum, as it is anticipated that this website will be used in many different situations, given the global nature of the Internet.


1. Knowledge: As students work through this lesson, they will: come to some understanding of the physical size of Africa, and its importance as part of the world community begin to see the unnatural country borders understand the diversity of the inhabitants.

2. Critical Thinking: Students should be able to extract and critically evaluate information from different sources interpret and evaluate evidence and be able to distinguish between fact and opinion

3. Values: They should come to some feeling of empathy through: seeing the world through the perspective of people who live in Africa.

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 Africa in History
 Human Evolution

 North Africa  

 Kingdoms of the South
 Trading Empires
 West Africa

Slave Trade