About Us

This website was created by Team C002739. Alex Busetto who lives in South Africa. Sagal Ali who is living in the United States and Eugene Yeo who is in Singapore.

Our coaches were Nick Shepherd in South Africa who helped Alex a great deal in his research. Alex was able to use the facilities of the University of Capetown with the help of Nick. Dr Nick Shepherd is from the University of Capetown.

Debangsu Sengupta who is attending university in Boston was a Thinkquest finalist before. He was able to help out the team a great deal with all the technical problems and Thinkquest rules.

Mohamed Ali coached Sagal in the United States. Mohamed, Sagals brother coached her and gave her tips on designing as well as working a website.


Alex Busetto

Eugene Yeo

Sagal Ali


 Africa in History
 Human Evolution

 North Africa  

 Kingdoms of the South
 Trading Empires
 West Africa

Slave Trade