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EGYPT: Arab Republic of Egypt

Egypt has closened its ties with Europe, especially France and Italy. While it has opened towards Saudi Arabia, its relations with Libya under president Ghedaffi have deteriorated.

Egypt occupies a very important geographic position, between Africa, Asia and Europe. Life in the country depends entirely on theRiver Nile and the thin strip of fertile land that borders it as far as the delta. The rest of the country, or 95% of the territory, is desert. The population density along the banks of the Nile reaches 1,200 inhabitants per sq km. The climate is very hot and dry in the south, is less extreme in the north where the main cities are. Cairo is the capital, and Alexandria the main port.

Agricultural land is very fertile, and apart from subsistence farming, the main crop is cotton, which is of a very high quality. Other crops are linen, citrus fruits, legumes, sesame, rice maize and sugar cane. 50% of the labour force is employed in agriculture.    

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