Ancient Civilizations: Nubia


The descendants of the Ancient Nubians live today in Southern Egypt and Northern Sudan. The following songs are Nubian traditional songs from Sudan. Throughout the centuries Egypt and Nubia both have had great influences upon each others music so there are great similarities between Egyptian and Nubian music. Today many Nubians speak Arabic, so there is also a considerable Arabic influence.

The following songs have all been explicitly copyrighted to Michael Huether for use on the internet.

Ashej Seyaro : Nubian wedding song in which the bridegroom is being complimented and praised by the singers. Copyright for CD "Sudaniyat', published in 1997.

Diyo Wo Ailan: A love song sung by young girls from the North of Sudan.Copyright for CD "Sudaniyat", published in 1997

Dora: An instrumental Nubian song, it is quite similar to those songs from Egypt. Copyright to the CD "Salamat Khartoum" by the group "Kambala" published in 1996.


Singer from Sudan. Copyright Michael Huether.

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