Ancient Civilizations: Nubia


People around the world have learnt about the glorious past of the Egyptian empire, but most have failed to learn of the Nubia, which was at some time in the past as strong as and even stronger than the egyptian empire. Nubia rivaled Egypt in wealth and power, and mutually influenced each other. During the 3rd millenium BC, a kingdom south of Egypt rose.

The Egyptians called them the Kush. The Kush was comparable with Egypt, and both states communicated with each other constantly. It has been realised that the Kushite kingdom played an important role in developments in ancient Egypt. Today we do not hear of Nubia nor Kush. In its place, is nothern Sudan. With the construction of the Aswan high dam in the 1960s, Nubian land was flooded and that forced some 100 000 Nubians to seek new homes in Egyptian and Sudanese cities. Nubia's glorious past is now under water. However, historians have begun to realise the importance of Nubia's past, and here, we shall present to you the beautiful history of Nubia.



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