Rise to Glory: Kingdoms of the South


The history of Southern Africa and its peoples has been denied many times over. In order to justify the occupation, and colonial settlement of Southern Africa a history was erased. The European settlers claimed that there had been nothing before their arrival. To deny the history of a people, was to deny a cultural heritage, and the identity of a nation.

Archaelogical discoveries uncovered the ruins of past civilizations, and also uncovered the truth. Despite evidence of the existence of these societies, the discoveries were hidden from public view. The true history of South Africa was only until recently, locked away.

The history of Southern Africa can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient societies of the San bushmen. Also, in the Limpopo Plateau, kingdoms such as Mapungubwe and Great Zimbabwe flourished.

In a later era, the powerful Zulu nation formed to fight the colonial advances upon their territory.   1     2   


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