Ancient Civilizations: Ethiopia


Sagal Ali was able to interview Alexery Tafari Sellassie Antohin about the history of Africa as well as the history of Ethiopia.

Sagal: Could you please introduce yourself? Alexey: My name is Alexey Tafari Sellassie Antohin.great great grandson of Haile Sellassie (the last emperor of Ethiopia)

Sagal: What are some acheivements of Haile Sellassie? And why is he so important in African history?

Alexey: He modernized Ethiopia and he established the first, and only, university of Addis Ababa. Haile Sellassie also made alliances and established relations with westen countries and organizations (such as the League of Nations). The Emperor also helped creat a defense against the prevention of colonization and the fight against the Italians. He also bult and modernized the capital, and made the goverment much more effective in the standard of living and thus lead to shortness of crime and poverty.

Sagal: In your opinion, what do you think makes Ethiopia such a unique nation? 1    2     3     4

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