Ancient Civilizations: Ethiopia


Alexey: It has been known, in the past, to be the most rich country in the world (geographicly and also economicly) Ethiopia has been glorified in the first chapter of the bible (Genesis ch. 2: 10-15). It also was one of the only country which prevented the threat of colonization and when attacked with that threat (the Italians) successfully used their milatary resources to drive out the intruders of their land, independently.

Sagal: I am sure you are familiar with the legend of Queen Sheba, King Solomon and her son Menelik. What is the signifance of such a legend, and historically why do you believe it is so important?

Alexey: The stories has many ways of explaining itself. It is a tale of two leaders meeting and falling in love (or tricked to fall in love), but love does not last long becase the two lands must be ruled and they can not desregard their country, to be victims of cupids arrow. This was an extraordinary unusual take due to the connection between ancient Axum and historic Jerusalem, this later on leading to the ethnicity of many Jewish Ethiopians and the partial homeland of many Ethiopians in Jerusalem in the late 20th Century. It also plays a significant role in the scriptures, relating the two distant, yet distinctive, worlds through persistance of these leaders, and the vibrant allures of both lands.    1    2     3     4


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