Ancient Civilizations: Ethiopia


Sagal: There is so much mystery surrounding the Ark of the Covenant. Could you explain to us how the Ark first came to Ethiopia.

Alexey: The Ark of the Covenant is part of the story of Solomon and Sheba. When Menelik (their son) comes home to his father in Jerusealm, he and his friend steal the Ark and takes it to Ethiopia. Soon after, Solomon goes mad due to his estrangment of his family and betrayal of his son. Nobody knows how to explain the Ark's location because it remains hidden and it's legend mysterious. The people that have seen it say it looks like a scroll and it explains the law of the Hebrew.

Sagal: What is the importance of the history in ethiopia and steps are being taken to preserves its history.

Sagal: There are not many steps being taken, but my family (for example) is trying to open new doors to people who have hope but no motivation. That is when people look to my resources such as the Haile Sellassie Web Museum (established by my father) or other available sources. I believe by using available communication advantages, one case being the World Wide Web, can encourage and foster more involvement between all interest groups, not just Ethiopians, to take an initiative to set up more projects to share and preserve the numerous artifacts and sites that roots for being one of the oldest nations of the world.    1    2     3     4


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