Ancient Civilizations: Ethiopia


At this point, Ethiopia is too consumed in warfare and political motivations to focus on their cultural heritage, and certainly the curent and future generations have become more disallusioned to their rich and ancient past. This creates a much more devastating problem on how to educate Ethiopians of their important history, much less outsiders who also need to learn about other cultures that have influenced their history.

Thankfully, people, such as yourself, are opening new aspects to preservation. By giving this report, you are preserving and saving history by telling the people around you, who will pass it to others around them. Soon, this cycle will start moving by itself and the whole world will known and keep history alive. Pushing that wheel is a hard job, but through detemination towards not letting the hardships of the situations in Ethiopia discourage, all of us can work to share the alreadly unique contributions of Ethiopia. 1    2     3     4

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