Case 1
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Case 1: Gogo (Grandmother)

ribbon.gif (1747 bytes)We went to visit Gogo in her small house in Mphophomeni. She lives with her niece. When we went to visit her we found her in her room, she had not moved from there the whole day. In 1997 she was hit by a Minibus taxi and lost a leg. The taxi driver refuses to compensate her for her loss.

two kids.jpg (71782 bytes)Her daughter died of Aids in 1997 because she married, and had two children with, a man who kept his knowlege of being HIV postive to himself; this man, wanting to rid himself of the virus, raped his two daughters (there is a belief that if you have sex with a virgin that you will be cured of the virus). He is now in jail and is very ill. The children have been placed in a children's home.