Case 2
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Case 2: Thandi

ribbon.gif (1747 bytes)We went to visit Thandi (not her real name). She lives in a very small house in Mphophomeni. This house is hardly very comfortable but she seems to make do with what she has. She has no job and the only way she recieves any money is by donations from a kindly family, this is her last hope.

young men3.jpg (59901 bytes)She is HIV postive and is trying her best to support her children under ther circumstances. Thandi's child died quite unexpectedly. She does not know why the treatment given by the clinic did not help.

She has no close family and is all alone. Her brother was shot and killed in the 1980's by a policeman who believed he was linked to the ANC/IFP violence, he was actually just walking down the street.