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Interview with Mrs Thobile Mhlongo

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Who was involved?

Thobile Mhlongo

When did it occur?

It was the 10th of April 1989

What happened?

It was on Saturday at midnight. S'the, Micheal, Philani and their friends (There were six of them) S'the and Micheal were stabbed to death.

Why did it happened?

Because they wanted my husband who was working in Sarmcol and they thought all Sarmcol shop stewards were ANC members.

Where did it take place?

It took place in Sweetwaters.

What were you feeling at that time?

It was terrible and I did not feel angry at that time because there was nothing to do

What effect did it have on you talking about it?

Sometimes if I think about it I cry, Yes the battles are over but memories are still.

Do you still think about the wrongs of the past?

Yes I do, But it is something that happened in the past and I can't change it

Were you compensated for losses?

Not yet

 "I lost my boys in a tragic way, they were stabbed to death, and there were two of them. It was because of this IFP and ANC thing, which broke up and turned into fight, especially this Sarmcol strike made it worse. Policemen came to my house and they did not bother to help me, they even said words that made me felt so angry at the same time. I had nothing to do. So we moved from Sweetwaters to KwaMevana (to my parents) with those two bodies and we buried them in Mpophomeni. The policemen came to stop people caming to the funeral; only family members were allowed to come. I did not go to the TRC because my other son did not want to hear anything about it. I did consult the local council, but I don’t think that was the end tunnel because now I am still willing to go to the TRC.

Since I have lost my children, my life changed as well. Sometimes I cry but it does not help now because it’s in the past.