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Interview with Mr Jeremiah Dlamini


Jerremiah Fano Dlamini

When did it occur?



People were not happy with their salaries and they told their employers and they did nothing to help. People started to think more about it and they decided to join a union. Not all workers did that only those who were ANC members. IFP members did not join the union and a fight among the IFP and ANC members started inside Samcol. Two groups were therefore formed Amakati (Cats) and Amagundane (Rats). All that led to war and many people were killed. A few months after the strike started; workers were told to pack their bags and go without any negotiations with their employers and they ended being not paid their money.

How did you feel?

I felt very angry and even now I’m still not feeling good about it.

What effect did it have on you?      

Since that episode my family started to suffer from hunger and I worked nowhere.

Do you still think about it?

Yes, because I am still waiting for my compensation.

Anyone you know who died there?

Yes, many people were killed.

Anything else you would like to add?           

My children are not going to school because I don’t have money. I am still waiting for what I need, so that my life can start moving. Last and painful it took me 15 years to get another job.