Mr Zondi
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Interview with Mr Zondi on the TRC

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This was a very good exercise for this country from post apartheid to the New Era of Democracy in South Africa.  The apartheid Government under the National Party and the Freedom Fighters all did wrong things. 

For me the T.R.C. did help in such a way that there were people that were humiliated but no one was brought into Justice.  People were killed no one was brought forward to be charged for violating Human Rights.

When the T.R.C. was introduced South African and world heard things that were never been heard before because people were fearing for their lives.  Today we know how people were killed and who did that.  Plans that resulted in those killings we know today that some top people were involved whether Government officials or in the police officials.  There were also knows whereabouts some you just heard when the T.R.C.  sat and you heard that those people were killed by who. 

To me T.R.C. has played a major role in re-building this country and to the hearing of the victims from post apartheid although you find that some stories are very painful.  T.R.C.  will also make sure that Human Rights are being respected in South Africa