Web sites on the TRC

1 http://www.truth.org.za/media/1996/9607/s960724i.htm PIETERMARITZBURG July 24 1996 — Sapa INKATHA AND POLICE ATTACKED STRIKERS, TRUTH COMMISSION
2 http://www.truth.org.za/media/1996/9607/s960722l.htm Proceedings at PIETERMARITZBURG July 22 1996
3 http://www.truth.org.za/hrvtrans/hrvpmb/pmb2.htm TRUTH COMMISSION TO HEAR TALES OF MIDLANDS HORRORS
PIETERMARITZBURG July 22 1996 — Sapa
4 http://www.truth.org.za/hrvtrans/hrvpmb/pmb4.htm  
5 http://www.truth.org.za/hrvtrans/hrvpmb/pmb7%2D2.htm MR LYSTER: Professor Aitchison, thank you for coming in today to give this initial overview of the Seven Day War.
6 http://www.truth.org.za/hrvtrans/hrvpmb/pmb7%2D11.htm Fr TIMOTHY SMITH gives evidence
7 http://www.truth.org.za/hrvtrans/hrvpmb/pmb7%2D1.htm PROCEEDINGS HELD AT Pietermarizburg
8 http://web.sn.apc.org/wmail/issues/950804/wm950804-2.html Case against prosecution
9 http://web.sn.apc.org/wmail/issues/951208/wm951208-10.html Buthelezi nearly arrested
10 http://web.sn.apc.org/wmail/issues/951208/wm951208-12.html Chapter one of the third force
11 http://web.sn.apc.org/wmail/issues/951215/wm951215-25.html Letters

Websites on AIDS in SA


http://www.mg.co.za/mg/news/2000jun1/9jun-aids.html Aids slashes SA life expectancy


http://stolenchildren.org/brutal.htm In South Africa, doctors, courts fight brutal AIDS 'cure'



Aids exacerbates hospitals crisis



'I have AIDS'- Judge Cameron



AIDS resources links other pages

6 http://www.uct.ac.za/depts/mmi/jmoodie/anc0.html UCT AIDS information
7 http://www.aidslink.org.za/ AIDS link South Africa
8 http://www2.wn.apc.org/sahivaids/ AIDS information dissemination site
9 http://www.un.org/Overview/SG/aidshiv.htm HIV/AIDSMORE THAN A HEALTH CRISIS

Other Resources used in producing this Website

Whiteside, A and C. Sunter (2000) AIDS: The Challenge for South Africa. Cape Town: Human and Rousseau/Tafelberg

Pietermaritzburg Agency for Christian Social Action (1999) "Statistics on the prevalence and spread of HIV/AIDS in South Africa". PACSA Factsheet No 46, November 1999.