The moon tells us what month it is and is our calender.It can
                    tell if there would be wars and illnesses when it is a little shaded
                    (covered).And if there would be  rain that month when it is
                     like a negative parabolla.And if a woman had a miscarriage
                     we look at the moon if it is a full one and use traditional
                     medicine and she can get a child.When a child is  born we look
                     at the moon to tell us what  month he/she was born
                     and also to tell us about his/her horoscope.

Fiction tall tales :A woman living on the moon

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was a Christian,and had one child. It happened  one Saturday that she forgot to gather more wood in the bush  for making fire.Then on the next day which was Sunday she was deciding on what to do for the day.She knew all the 10 commandments but remembered one particular one which was the 4th one which stated that:''Remember the day of the sabbath and keep it holy, no one is to work on this day ".It was then that the woman realised that she was in big trouble because her baby was crying and wanted porridge .Then she took her child and went into the bush to gather some wood.GOD decided to punish the woman because she did not obey the commandment . She then took the wood and her child and headed home.She never noticed but the moon had changed,and you could notice that there was  an exact resemblance of her ;her baby and the wood that she was carrying.And even till this day when ever you look at the moon you can see the woman.

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