The sun as we all know is our main source of energy.
                         It makes life on earth possible because it provides warmth
                         and helps with photosynthesis in green plants so that they
                         can produce their own food and provide food for us
                         humans and animals.The sun is there to tell us the
                         difference between day and night.


Fiction Tale:Where does the sun go at night?

In Kwazulu Natal people believe that under the edge of  the world there is an enormous crocodile.Every night  this crocodile eats the un.In the morning the crocodile spits the sun out of it's mouth.It spits it high in the sky.That is the sun coming up in the east.Then,during the day ,the crocodile swims under the world.It swims to the other side.There it waits under the edge of the world for the sun to come down.When it comes ,the crocodile catches it and eats it again.That happens every night.

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