The  team
Hi my name is Yolande Khutlisi  and I'm one of the team members of the thinkquest webpage design about African Traditional Astronomy.There is a lot I can say about myself but I'll keep it short .
I'm a very outgoing person with a lot of ambition and have a very good outlook on life.I'm very friendly to everyone but cannot tolerate rudeness and arrogent  people.I have no reason to believe that people aren't good ,only if they show their true colours.

My  name  is   Nqobile ''CTG"  Zwane.I'm in the same group as the previous person above and i'm also going to tell you a bit about myself .
I live in Pretoria in att/ville with my family which consists of 5 people.I attend school there and currently doing standard 9.I'm very friendly and love spending time alone,and a lot of people think that I'm weird but it's just who I am.I  am a lively person who enjoys life and always waiting to tackle anything it  throws at me.So love life and enjoy it.

the  team