Martha Masekwameng
My name is Martha Masekwameng, I am 16 years old and I live in Mabopane township in Pretoria.  Religion is muslim.  My parents are divorced; my mother has the custody and-but I get along with my father sometimes.I attend school in town ofwhich is a bit farer because I have to take train every morning of my life.

I like junk food but mostly my mother's cooking.  My best dish is sea food.I just love it! 

My best music is "RNB", "Kwaito", "House", "Reggae Hip-hop.".  I listen to music that makes me dance and the lyrics must have a message and I must be able to relate to the lyrics.

I am an out-going person and enjoys much company.  I usually go to parties,movies or bashes on Weekends. 

What I can tell about township is that, is a nice place to be!  Although there can be negative factors, it all matters of who you are!  Mabopane is COOL!