Welcome to the Applications section, the section where it all comes together.   Hopefully you have already learnt about the scientific aspects of transistors, so that now you can truly understand the expanse to which the transistor has revolutionized the world.  Backing slightly off the technical side, you can learn the everyday appliances it has affected, where transistors are going in the future, and what the world was like before and after the transistor was invented.  Sit back, relax, and read with an open mind!

Integrated Circuits - These are the most common applications of transistors and go a long way in building powerful microprocessors and appliances. Learn the role that transistors play in them.
Microprocessors - These are the real brains of most electronic appliances around us. Explore the vital role played by their grey cells - transistors.
Appliances Affected - Realize the full potential of these transistors through the various appliances they revolutionized, right from your digital watch to this PC.
Pre- and Post-Transistor World - To understand the impact of the transistor in its entirety, perceive what the world was before, and what it is after 1947 - when the transistor was invented.
Future Trends - Revolution is an unending process. Take a sneak preview of where the transistors of the future are headed.