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            The Revolution of the Past.   The Foundation for the Future.

  New inventions and technologies affect our lives - they make our lives easier, more comfortable, less stressful, and also offer much-needed entertainment in a restless world. Most of us know that underneath all the fancy display covers of these devices, there are electronics, such as integrated circuits and semiconductors.

But what most of us don't realise is that under even these small electronics are minute work-horses called transistors. To most, this is not a familiar term, but through this website, we, as part of the Thinkquest initiative to add fun and educational content to the Web, are trying not only to increase awareness of the transistor and its extreme, but under-rated value, but are also endeavouring to provide a comprehensive guide to learners and teachers alike for assistance in research projects and the like. In addition to easy, step-by-step explanations, interactive tutorials and fun animations, the site also provides technical diagrams and equations for the more technologically-minded.

Come in, explore the topic, and most important of all, realise the full potential of the transistor, and the silent revolution that it has brought to mankind.