Welcome to the world of transistors!  Maybe you haven't realised it yet, but the transistor was one of the most inventions of the 20th Century, of any century for that matter.  Basically every single electronic appliance/device consists of thousands, if not millions of tiny transistors.  A modern Pentium I chip for instance contains about 7 million transistors!  So as you can see, though they are not widely regarded, transistors play an integral role in our everyday appliances, as you will see in the corresponding section (Applications).  

The aim of this section, however, is to guide you through the process of how each transistor was developed, troubles faced during development, and also background on its many different functions and also it components.

Introduction to Semiconductors - This topic will introduce you to the concept of semiconductors which are an integral part in the making of transistors.
Semiconductor Diodes - The prerequisite information on diodes that later went on to give the birth to the semiconductor triode - otherwise known as the transistor.
Semiconductor Triodes- Another name for the transistor...
Types - Learn the various types of transistors and how they function.
Amplification - This is the basic function of the transistor - and the most important one!
Switches - Next to amplification, this is the most common function of transistors.
Comparison - Learn the analogies and the differences between the older vacuum tube triodes and the slicker new transistors.

Please note that there are both Advanced and Basic versions of most sections under "Transistors".