The official blazon of the new South African Coat of Arms was registered by the BUREAU OF HERALDRY and published in the Government Gazette No 425 of 28 April, 2000.

To illustrate the importance of and the intricacies of the components and their descriptions that make up a Coat of Arms, we publish the official Blazon of our new Coat of Arms :

"The Bureau of Heraldry hereby gives notice in terms of section 5(a) of the Heraldry Act, 1962 (Act No 18 of 1962), of the registration of the new national coat of arms of the Republic of South Africa".

Arms:  Or, representations of two San human figures of red ochre, statant respectant, the hands of the innermost arms clasped, with upper arm, inner wrist, waist and knee bands Argent, and a narrow border of red ochre;  the shield ensigned of a spear and knobkierie in saltire, Sable.  There above a demi-secretary bird displayed Or, charged on the breast with a stylized representation of a protea flower with outer petals Vert, inner petals Or and seeded of nine triangles conjoined in three rows, the upper triangle Gules, the second row Vert, Or inverted and Vert, and the third row Vert, Or inverted, Sable, Or inverted and Vert.  Above the head of the secretary bird an arc of seven rays facetted Or and Orange, the two outer rays conjoined to the elevated wings.

Upon a riband Vert, the motto !KE E://XARRA //KE in letters Argent.  Issuant from the ends of the riband two pairs of elephant tusks curving inwards, the tips conjoined to the wings of the secretary bird, Or, there within and flanking the shields, two ears of wheat Brunatré."              

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