Introduction with link to symbolism  National symbols such as Coat of Arms, flags and anthems play an important role in unifying the diverse people of a country.  They embody elements that are unique to a country and are symbols of what defines a country to give it its special identity.  National symbols become rallying points, helping to forge strong feelings of patriotism, creating a sense of nationhood, that binds together all the people of a country, regardless of race, tribe or religion.  

Our quest is to examine some of South Africa's national symbols and in this way, explain to the world just what it is about this country that makes us proud to be citizens of the new democratic South Africa.

link to: Sun, Secretary bird, Protea, Spear, Shield, Human figures, Ears of Wheat, Elephant Tusks, MottoSouth Africa has a new Coat of Arms which was unveiled by President Thabo Mbeki.  This section will cover the role of the Coat of Arms and where and how it is displayed.  It will  explain the symbolism of the elements that comprise the Coat of Arms.

link to: National symbols official/unofficial, flag, anthem, coat of arms and other symbolsFlag waving and the singing of anthems are the main ways that people can express their emotions of pride and support of their country.  Other national symbols, fauna and flora and non-official symbols such as landmarks, are also covered in this section.

link to: Heraldry and official blazonThe history and traditions of the scientific art of heraldry,  are introduced.  The basic rules of design and blazonry are described.  An example of heraldry in action today, is South Africa's new Coat of Arms with its official blazon.

Iink to: Interactive site Blazon95In this section, you will be able to design your own Coat of Arms, using the innovative program Blazon, written by Pete Barrett.      

Survey linkRead about the controversy surrounding the new Coat of Arms and our survey among  peers - their feelings towards the new Coat of Arms.      

Discussion link   Add to our discussion, by sending us your thoughts on our Coat of Arms and what you consider to be your country's landmark.

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