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Blazon95 is a freeware program designed to teach the basics of heraldry by allowing users to design their own arms. It has ability to copy arms and charges to the Windows clipboard as metafiles, and the ability to import bitmaps and windows metafiles created by other programs for use as charges on the shield. The programs are now free of charge for personal use or use by charities or educational institutions. They may not be used commercially in any way, nor sold, nor used as an inducement to buy other goods or services, without the permission of the author.

Both downloads are zipped files, and will need to be unzipped with a program such as WinZip, before being installed.

An explanation by the author of some of the more common terms in heraldry -Essential Technical Glossary:

"Tincture" is colour.  There are three types - metals (gold and silver, represented by yellow and white), colours, and furs.

The "Rule of Tincture" (which states that metals should not be next to metals,
nor colours next to colours) should be obeyed as far as possible if arms are to be easily identifiable (their original purpose).

The "Field" is the background of a coat of arms. It can be divided to show more than one tincture.

A "Charge" is placed on the field or on another charge. It is best thought of as similar to an object in a drawing program.

"Dexter" and "Sinister" are the two sides of the shield.   Dexter is the left as you look at it (the right of the person carrying it).

When a lion's tongue is of a particular tincture, it is said to be "Langued";  (when it is of no definite tincture, it is blue).

Similarly, an eagle may be "Armed" (beak and talons of a particular tincture), and a rose may be "Seeded".

For other technical terms choose Help/Topics when operating the program.  Enjoy!

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