Tastes of Morning

We, the Grade 5s, are participating in an international project to raise the profile of breakfasts.

We kept a note of what we ate for breakfast every morning for a week.  When we ate and who we ate with.  We voted for our favourite foods and our least favourite breakfast foods.

Nutritionist Romy came to give us a talk on the importance of breakfast.  As a display, she put up a pyramid showing the quantities we should have of the five different food groups, fats and sugars, dairy, meat and fish, fruit and vegetables and cereal and grain.  We all had to say our names and our favourite foods.  Lots of people liked chocolate. She gave us small pictures of food and asked us to place it on the correct food groups.

It has been medically proven that one’s brain works better if you have breakfast in the morning than not having breakfast at all.  Cereal and grain are for energy to learn, fruit and vegetables are for healthy eyes, skin and body, meat and fish are for strong muscles, dairy is for strong teeth and bones and fats and sugars are energy boosters but they have no nutrition.

It has been found that having breakfast takes about the same time as showering or shaving, but people never think about missing showering or shaving but it seems okay to miss breakfast.

We were told that overseas it is becoming a trend to have breakfast as the
family meal instead of dinner time.  At the end of the day everybody is tired and just want to go to sleep, so it is nice to eat in the morning as a family when
everybody is refreshed.  A hint to cease such rushes in the morning is to lay out the breakfast utensils and cereals the evening before.

It was very interesting to learn about all the nutrition in our breakfasts.
We now all know what a great part breakfast plays in our daily lives and how our concentration and capacity to learn will improve !

Done by Tamlyn and Zarah