These activities are designed so that all educators can find something that interests them irrespective of their computer experience. You will notice that there is a range of scenarios. Look through the list and start with the one that interests you the most. At the end of each activity you will notice that there are further scenarios related to the one you have just completed as well as links to skills at a higher level of difficulty.

What teachers can do using skill level


Basic skills
Design an assessment tool
Create a simple marksheet
Write a short bulletin
Design a certificate
Create a class planner
Design a concert programme
Design a newsletter
Design a poster
Write a disciplinary note
Search using the Internet
Type a class test
Create a simple worksheet
Write a good news note
Write a letter
Create a simple presentation
Review a document

Create a collage using AutoCollage
Participate in the Partners in Learning Network
Use Worldwide Telescope



What principals can do with ICT...


Intermediate skills
Analyse data
Draw up a budget

Create a multimedia presentation
Create a forms-based document
Organise information in an outline
Create a graph (chart)
Import a chart to Microsoft Word
Use Internet information in Microsoft Word

Create a presentation template for learners
Create an interactive picture
Create a song using SongSmith
Create a panoramic picture using PhotoSynth
Create a movie using MovieMaker

Advanced skills
Mail merge a letter

Create a pivot table
Create a dynamic markbook
Create a class database
Create an interactive presentation using Mouse Mischief

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