These themes each include a number of small projects. Click on each theme to read more about them. Click on the project to access the lesson material. The projects have been written as WebQuests: collaborative group activities that make use of, but do not entirely depend on, Web resources. The projects are designed to be easily used by teachers and learners and should each take about five to six hours to complete.

ICT Integration lessons (WebQuests) ... by theme


Space Exploration (Gr 7-9)

Space Race
Space Exploration
To Mars and Beyond

Discovery and Change (Gr 7-9)

Lasting Impressions
The Wireless School Debate
Now Available - The Future

Our Environment (Gr 7-9)

A Whale of a Problem
Ivory Everywhere, Tusk Tusk
Why is it Warmer (natural causes)?
Why is it Warmer (human causes)?
Water, Water Everywhere

Heroes and Leaders (Gr 7-9)

World Heroes Hall of Fame
A Great Book of Great Thinkers
Local Leaders, Tomorrow's Heroes

Future Imperfect? (Gr 7-9)

What Does the Future Hold?
A Big Stumbling Block


Journalism (Gr 6-10)

Freedom of Expression
Ethical Journalists
Being Right About Copyright

Entrepreneurship (Gr 6-11)

Know your Market: Gender
Know your Market: Culture
Know your Market: Age
Marketing Plan
Spotlilght on Ads
Sales Pitch

Careers (Gr 8-12)

Career Carnival
Job Interview

Consumerism (Gr 6-11)

Consumer Rights - Shopping Smart
Consumer Hot Topics
Best Value Menus
Where to Shop?

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