Our international guest speakers and workshop leaders
  • Jane Hart - Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, UK, will deliver a keynote address and run several workshops
  • Naomi Harm - 21st century educational technology literacy specialist from Minnesota, USA, will run a series of workshops
  • John Davitt - Writer, broadcaster and a digital toolmaker, former senior education manager from the UK
  • Shelee King George - Peer-Ed, Seattle, USA, will lead sessions by video conference
Jane Hart

Jane Hart

Jane is the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT), one of the world's most visited learning sites on the Web. Be sure to also visit her award-winning blog.

Jane is a leading thinker and practitioner in the area of Social Learning, helping organizations rethink their approach to Learning & Development. Jane is also a Principal of the Internet Time Alliance. Find out more about Jane Hart.

Jane will spearhead the primary theme of this year's conference, Working and Learning Smarter with Social Media .

Thinking Differently as Learning Professionals

Auditorium Presentations:
Building a Learning Community Online
How to use social media to work and learn smarter as a professional.

Hands-on Workshop:
Jane's Pick of Learning Tools (repeated)


John Davitt

John Davitt

John Davitt is a writer, broadcaster and a digital toolmaker. He has worked in the education sector for the last twenty-five years as an English teacher, senior manager and regional adviser with the EU Flexible Learning Project. John has worked with teachers in schools in around the world and he is committed to leveling the playing field regarding access to new learning opportunities. He is the author of the book “New Tools for Learning” (2006) a practical guide as to how to make the technology fit the learning need, and the WordRoot CD an interactive guide to words and their etymology. He has recently developed The Learning Score www.learningscore.com a visual tool that lets teachers map out and share learning intentions as a graphical event - rather like a music score. His most recent project is the open-source learning event generator now in use by thousands of teachers around the world www.bit.ly/legassess. His new book '"World of Difference" will be published in Summer 2011. Find out more at www.davittlearning.net twitter @johndavitt

Learning in a World of Difference

Active Learning with new tools

Naomi Harm

Naomi Harm

Naomi best known as an 21st century educational technology literacy specialist. Her dynamic career focus includes many exciting and cutting edge jobs which include: an Intel National Senior Trainer, SMART Technologies consultant and managing her own "Innovative Educator" 2.0 consulting corporation, where she provides customized staff development technology workshops. She also has a well-known specialty and expertise area of delivering motivational international keynote presentations focusing on emerging technologies, 21st century skills and assessments, 21st century administrative leadership, peer coaching, project based learning, and inspired and transformative educational technology leadership. Naomi is truly passionate about building global relationships with educational technology leaders, while engaging in meaningful and collaborative conversations to meet the needs of today's diverse learners. See Naomi's blog.

Naomi is a returning guest, having proved very popular at the 2009 Durban conference.

Transforming Education with 21st Century Skills and ICT Literacy

Auditorium Presentation:
Building and Growing Your Professional Learning Network

Hands-on Workshops:
Transforming Your Classroom Practice with Web 2.0 Literacy (repeated)
Google My Way (repeated)


Sheee King George

Shelee King George

Shelee King George, M.A. Ed. Administration, is Director of Professional Learning at Peer-Ed. She is responsible for the coordination and implementation of several professional development initiatives including the world-renowned Peer Coach Program.

Shelee has 25 years of experience in public education as a classroom teacher, an adjunct university professor, a technology integration specialist, and a facilitator for professional development programs.

Shelee will be presenting from Seattle by video-conference. She will be focusing on collaboration for whole school professional development. Shelee previously presented at the Durban conference in 2009.

Workshop and Keynote Summaries

KEYNOTE 1: Thinking Differently as Learning Professionals - Jane Hart - 5th July, 1:30 pm
It is becoming apparent that we are at the beginning of a fundamental shift in the way that both learning and working is happening. This should not be seen as a threat to educators, but as an opportunity to take on the new challenges it offers. The first step will be to understand the changes that are taking place, and then become immersed in the new social media tools that are underpinning this change in order to work smarter as well as help your students learn smarter.

KEYNOTE 2: Learning in a World of Difference - John Davitt - 5th July, 5:30 pm
John will explore the nature of learning, the reality of difference and the potential of new tools and approaches to transform the education landscape. Pulling from a wide range of real world examples he will note t the benefits we may reap as we learn faster and share more deeply. In the final part of his keynote John will detail his #freelearning method - a simple but powerful five strand model for developing new practice at the point where learning meets innovation.

KEYNOTE 3: Transforming Education with 21st Century Skills and ICT Literacy - Naomi Harm - 6th July, 11:00 am
In the education sector, there has been a growing movement toward infusing 21st century skills into teaching. Driven by organizations around the world, this trend is more than a passing fad, and has caught the attention of those training and equipping teachers for the digital-age classroom. 21st century skills are what today’s students and graduates need to compete, and succeed, in today’s global workforce. There are a series of concepts and themes that go beyond the conventional to teach safe and effective technology integration and application skill sets.

Whether you are a professor, an administrator, an instructor, a trainer or a future teacher, you must understand 21st century skills to be effective. So are you wondering exactly what 21st Century Skills and ICT Literacy's are all about? Are you trying to determine what steps to take to begin bringing 21st Century Skills into your classroom projects infused with Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) literacy? This keynote will address 21st Century Skills concepts, real-world examples, themes and projects, while tapping into global experts to glean information how to transform your teaching and learning environment.



Building and Growing Your Professional Learning Network - Naomi Harm - 5 July, 3:00pm
Collaborative social networks allow educators to create online communities that support their personal and professional learning. Whether your personal learning network is overflowing or just starting to grow, this session will help you to refine your network to best suit your learning needs. Naomi will lead you to interesting people who advocate for the effective use of technology to improve teaching and learning, while supporting a 21st century skills teaching and learning environment. We will discuss tips and tricks to leverage the potential of these networks and provide resources to help attendees set up their own networks. Participants will gain hands-on experience using social communication and collaboration media tools such as Adobe Connect, Twitter, Intel Engage, Educators PLN Ning, back channel chats, and social bookmarking tools to build professional learning and social networks to lead effectively in your school district or educational organization.

Transforming Your Classroom Practice with Web 2.0 Literacy - Naomi Harm - 6 July, 1:00pm, repeated at 3:30pm
Web 2.0 is a term describing changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, information sharing and collaboration among users. This session will not only teach you how to use new web technologies that are beginning to transform education, it will also put you well on the way to implementing them in your practice. The tools we'll be looking at include image/video editing and production, collaboration, writing and research, converters and widgets, presentations and virtual environments. These tools will allow teachers and learners to express their creativity in any curricular area, and you will learn how each of these tools and resources are being used in classrooms around the world.

Google My Way - Naomi Harm - 7 July, 08:30am, repeated at 11:00am
Come explore the wonderful world of Google apps and its learning environment for education. Participants will be totally immersed in innovative ways of how to use Google tools to support and extend learning opportunities for all of their students, and how the tools can support the productivity and efficiency of today's 21st century educator. This hands-on session will include activities for you to experience with advanced search techniques, collaborative web-based applications, and inspirational instructional strategies. Naomi will share ways she has worked with educators at the national level of how educators have implemented tools such as Google Docs and Forms, Google Maps, Google Sites, Google talk and so much more.


Building a Learning Community Online - Janet Hart - 7 July, 8:30am
In this workshop we will be looking at a number of ways to build a online community of learners in order to encourage your students to communicate, collaborate, share resources and ideas and generally learn from one another both inside and outside the classroom.

How to use social media to work and learn smarter as a professional - Jane Hart - 7 July, 11:00am
The revolution that is social media means that now everyone can have access to the Social Web and a range of services and applications to support their own learning, performance and productivity. Here are 10 ideas to kick-start your own professional development using free social media tools.

Jane's Pick of Learning Tools - Jane Hart - 6 July, 8:30am, repeated at 1:00pm
For the last 5 years Jane has been compiling an annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide. In this workshop we will take a look at some popular tools that educators have been finding useful for their teaching.

Active Learning with new tools - John Davitt - 6 July, 1:00pm, repeated at 3:30pm
Occupy the hand and free the mind – simple strategies to make learners active with New Tools This workshop will provide a hands-on chance to break free of the chair and explore some new learning opportunities using a variety of resources and activities . The workshop will also feature the use of John’s “Learning Event Generator” and delegates will be given access to their own copy to continue work back at their own schools & centres. This session will allow staff to enjoy their own learning curves and suggest we might manage innovation and still have time for a social life!