National Goals of Education

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Education in Kenya should:

  1. Foster nationalism, patriotism and promote national unity
  2. Promote social, economic, technological and industrial needs for national development
    • Social needs: Prepare children for the changes in attitudes and relationships which are necessary for the smooth process of a rapidly developing modern economy
    • Economic needs: Produce citizens with skills, knowledge, expertise and personal qualities that are required to support a growing economy
    • Technological and industrial needs: Provide the learners with the necessary skills and attitudes for industrial development
  3. Promote individual development and self-fulfillment
  4. Promote sound moral and religious values
  5. Promote social equality and Responsibility
  6. Promote respect for and development of Kenya's rich and varied cultures
  7. Promote international consciousness and foster positive attitude towards other nations
  8. Promote positive attitudes towards good health and environmental protection

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How can Information and Communication Technologies aid is achieving some of the listed goals in education?

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