Objectives of Secondary Education

IDevice Icon Objectives

Secondary education should provide the learner with opportunities to:

  1. acquire necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for the development of the self and the nation
  2. promote love for and loyalty to the nation
  3. promoter harmonious co-existence among the peoples of Kenya
  4. develop mentally, socially, morally, physically and spiritually
  5. enhance understanding and respect for own and other people's cultures and their place in contemporary society
  6. enhance understanding and appreciation of interrelationships among nations
  7. promote positive environmental and health practices
  8. build a firm foundation for further education and training
  9. develop ability for enquiry, critical thinking and rational judgment
  10. develop into a responsible and socially well adjusted person
  11. promote acceptance and respect for all persons
  12. enhance enjoyment in learning
  13. identify individual talents and develop them
  14. build a foundation for technological and industrial development
  15. develop into a self-disciplined individual who appreciates work and manages time properly

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