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IDevice Icon ASEI-PDSI Intervention

SMASSE Project was premised on the desire to enhance meaningful learning. The overall goal was to

upgrade the capability of young Kenyans through in-service education for teachers. In order to achieve this, ASEI-PDSI teaching approach was developed. Activities, Student-centred teaching, Experiments, and Improvisation (ASEI) and a cyclic instructional process of Plan-Do-See-Improve (PDSI) are critical aspects of engaging learners meaningfully in instruction.

Expected and measurable results at the end of SMASSE INSET Cycles

After Training on ASEI-PDSI
  • Knowledge based,
  • Teacher-centeredness, Chalk and
  • talk
  • Full scale experiments
  • Attitude change
  • PDSI
  • Methodology
  • Material Production
  • Capacity Building
  • INSET Institutionalization
  • Student-centredness
  • Activity-based teaching
  • Experiment and Research
  • Improved Performance

Resource mostly used towards non-academic

Inadequate inspection

Mobilization and rationalization of resources
use towards academic activities
Prudent, frequent and regular inspection
(QASO/SMASSE M/E personnel)


Improvisation in ASEI has been seen as a way of engaging learners in experiments and practical activities even in  situations where conventional resources are lacking. Improvisation also helps develop some creativity, and  linking school learning with immediate learners' environment from where the improvised resources are sourced.

ASEI would be relevant in ICT integrated  education if improvisation is seen as an aspect of innovation.

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