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The SchoolMail Service is a UUCP service. As opposed to the standard POP3 mail service which provides a single mailbox, UUCP provides multi-user email for an entire domain. This means UUCP sites are allocated a domain name, such as and can create as many user names as they like, each with a separate mailbox, for example .

Because the service uses UUCP rather than POP3 or SMTP to handle multi-user email, it requires special UUCP software. Software is available for all of the operating systems listed below, using Pegasus Mail as the mail client.

Windows 95 and 98, Windows NT workstation, Windows NT server

Taxis Mail is a self-installing Windows application which includes Pegasus Mail. Download Taxis 1.10 (5538 K) (with WinPMail 4.12a) .

Novell Netware

UUPLAN supports Netware 2.x, 3.x and 4.x networks, in both bindery and NDS mode.

MS-DOS and Windows 3.1

THURN supports MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 systems.

FreeBSD, Linux, Unix

Taylor UUCP is the recommended unix UUCP implementation for unix systems. Taylor UUCP is the standard UUCP shipped with FreeBSD and Linux, and is freely available for other unix variants.

See the sample Taylor UUCP files for configuration details, and the chat script details below.

Chat scripts

(Chat scripts are preconfigured in Taxis Mail, so Taxis users should skip this section.)

Taylor UUCP (FreeBSD, Linux, other unix)

Dialup to  SAIX POPs

chat name:-\r\c-name: \L word: \P ogin:-\r\c-ogin: \L word: \P

Dialup to UUNet POPs

chat ogin:-\r\c-ogin: Uschool word: uuCP ogin:-\r\c-ogin: \L word: \P

TCP/IP connections

chat ogin:-\r\c-ogin: \L word: \P

In Taylor UUCP, the chat command is usually specified in the /etc/uucp/sys file.

UUPC/extended (Thurn, UUPLAN, other UUPC-based software)

Dialup to SAIX POPs

"" \r\r name:--name: \p login word: \p password ogin:--ogin: login word: password

Dialup to UUNet POPs

ogin:--ogin: Uschool word: uuCP ogin: login word: password

TCP/IP connections

ogin:--ogin: login word: password

In UUPC/extended, the chat script is configured in the SYSTEMS file. (In THURN, this is located in \etc\uupc, and in UUPLAN in \net\uucp\uupc). Substitute account details for the login and password fields in red italics above.




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