Overview of Courses

Overview of Courses

Overview of Courses

SchoolNet is an accredited teacher development course provider with SACE. SACE Conitnuing Teacher Professional Development points are indicated in brackets.

ICT skills in contexts

Partners in Learning: ICT Skills for Teachers (10 points)

Partners in Learning: ICT Skills for Principals (10 points)

Intel Easy Steps – basic skills with entrepreneurship 

Intel Teach: Getting Started 

Sizanani – Youth and Adult Community ICT Literacy

Using ICT for simple research

Partners in Learning One Step Further (10 points)

Learning with Tablets

A Journey with TabletsA SchoolNet course guiding teachers to use tablets in 12 different contexts as teachers

ICT4RED Teacher Professional Development with Tablets (10 points)

Intel Transforming Learning Series: Tablets in the Classroom (15 points)

ICT integration in project approaches

Partners in Learning: WebQuests (10 points)

Microsoft Partners in Learning: Innovation Workshop (10 points)

Introduction to 21st Century learning 

Intel Elements: Project-based Approaches  | Curriculum (10 points)\

Intel Elements: Collaboration in the Digital Classroom | Curriculum (10 points)

Intel Elements: Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms | Curriculum (7 points)

Intel Elements: Thinking Critically with Data | Curriculum (10 points)

Intel Transforming Learning Series: Digital Learning Fundamentals (15 points)

Integrating online thinking tools

Intel Teach: Thinking with Technology (10 points)

ICT Leadership

Partners in Learning: ICT Leadership for Education Managers (10 points)

Change Leadership for Technology Integration (10 points) 

Management and Usage of ICTs in Public Schools (GDE)

Partners in Learning: Peer Coaching (10 points)

Learner/Teacher Technical Helpdesk Skills

Partners in Learning: Deploying Student Helpdesk Solutions 

SchoolNet SA: ICT Resource Centre Managers Course

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How to receive training

While some programmes are now being offered by some Provincial Departments of Education, SchoolNet SA also offers training to schools that are not part of their Department training schedule. Costs of these courses are minimal. Summary of course costs.

Contact info@schoolnet.org.za or phone 011 403 5777