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Learning through stories and play

In this blog, SchoolNet South Africa extends the conversation about the Pedagogy of Play by exploring playful learning as showcased in the ICT4RED Teacher Professional Development Course offered to educators.  In each of the ten modules offered in the course, teachers learn about digital content, use of digital technologies and importantly focus on how to embed innovative teaching strategies, and relevant assessment tools to create interesting learning opportunities that embed the joy into learning for both teachers a...

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Rethinking pre-service teacher education to embrace play and learning

“Young people entering teacher education don’t see a relationship between play and learning,” Sarah Gravett, Professor of Education at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), began the dialogue with a plea to address this perception in pre-service teacher programmes.  Even though this statement reflects the views of those interviewed for a study she supervises, it serves as a window to gauge the thinking of pre-service teachers. This position was also evident in another project Gravett oversees, in which in-service...

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Teacher well-being and mental health resource package

In the month of October, SchoolNet South Africa launched the #SupportOurTeachers mini-campaign. The #SupportOurTeachers mini-campaign coincided with Teacher Appreciation Month, World Teachers’ Day on 5 October, and Mental Health Awareness for the duration of the month. The mini-campaign aimed to raise awareness of building strong support structures for teachers to be confident when using technology. The question of well-being and wellness are equally important in the conversation of building strong support structures...

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All the best to Class of 2022: Words of encouragement to learners writing the final matric examination

For any learner, the time for writing the final examination is both thrilling and nerve-racking. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break and breathe. SchoolNet South Africa conveys its good wishes to learners sitting for the 2022 matric examinations. It is important to believe in yourself. Hard work through studying and preparing for the subjects you are going to write, is important to reach your goals. The journey leading up to this time of writing your examination has had it up and down moments. Focus on a strong finish...

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