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Nepal Himalayas

General Info
 ·  Solo Khumbu
      ·  Namche Bazar
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 ·  Central Nepal
    ·  Mustang
    ·  Jomsom
      ·  People: Thakalis
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    ·  Manang valley
        Bryagu village
          Manang village
          Nyasang Division

 ·  Western Nepal
    ·  Jumla
    ·  Sukhadik

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 ·  Annapurna region

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The Yeti Factor

The Himalayas - where earth meets sky
Nepal Himalayas

Bryagu village
Bryagu is a large settlement of about 200 houses in the Manang region of Nepal. It is situated at an altitude of about 10,000 ft, hidden behind a large outcrop and nestling in a natural amphitheater.

Annapurna Base Camp at dusk. The sacred Machhapuchhare peak stands to the right in the background. Credit: Scott Yost
Annapurna Base Camp at dusk.
The sacred Machhapuchhare peak stands
to the right in the background.

Credit: Scott Yost

Interestingly, the houses are stacked one atop the other, each one with a verandah formed by the roof of the structure below.

Perched on a crag overlooking the village is the largest gompa (Buddhist monastery) in the district, a gold knob surmounting its curved roof, which is set off dramatically against the dark fog cresting the heights beyond. It holds an outstanding collection of Tibetan Tankhas and manuscripts, some of them up to 400 to 500 years old.

Manang village
Manang village is located beyond Bryagu, at an altitude of 12,000 ft. The valley is named after the village. It is a large settlement with well over 500 flat-roofed houses guarded by a chorten and an extensive wall of grey stones etched with the "Om mani padme hum" prayer.

There are narrow lanes with steep long steps leading up to the houses. Annapurna II and IV and Gangapurna are 8 km away as the crow flies.

Nyasang Division
The Nyasang Division is the upper portion of the Manang region. This area, in contrast to the southern parts, lies in the rain shadow area of the Annapurna Range and the cold, dry climate makes it possible to raise only one crop every year. The inhabitants also rear yaks, goats, cows and horses. The animals serve as an important means of transportation besides providing additional income.

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