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the living atlas

the Living Atlas

The Living Atlas is a growing collection of maps of Africa. In this section, there are continent maps, along with more detailed country maps and maps of national parks and wildlife reserves. Using the maps, it is very easy to realize the vastness and the physical complexities of the African continent. Various well-known publishers have contributed their maps to this collection. We hope that this collection keeps growing with additions from more publishers and our visitors. Visitors can contribute their maps to the site by uploading them in the land section of the Living Knowledgebase.

CIA maps have been obtained from the public domain.
Bradt Publications maps have been displayed with their permission.
Lonely PlanetREMOTE maps have been used under a specific license.

Africa and regional maps:

Africa - political
- map 1 - CIA
- map 2 - Bradt Publications

Africa - population
- map - CIA

Africa- vegetation
- map - CIA

Horn of Africa
- map - CIA

Country maps
Select a region of Africa to find the country maps we have available for that region:

africa map: pick a region

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