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Gombe Streams National Park

Located on Lake Tanganyika, the Gombe Streams National Park is one of Tanzania's smallest national parks. It is set in the Mahale mountains and was formed to protect its population of chimpanzees. The park owes much of its fame to the chimpanzee population - the research of Dr Jane Goodall and her colleagues in the park since 1960 has contributed a lot to the study of chimpanzees as well as giving the park international recognition. Goodall has lived among the chimpanzees of Gombe since 1960. For visitors, reaching the park is a bit complicated - possible only over water from Ujiji or Kigoma.
Visitors travel by lake steamer from Lake Kigoma to Lagosa and subsequently undertaking a three-hour boat ride to Kasoge. Timings have to be arranged according to the schedules of the steamers. The period May-October is the best time to visit the park. While there is a guesthouse in Kasiha village, tourists are advised to carry all their supplies. Camping is permitted only in certain areas. This park is known for some amazing sunsets over Lake Tanganyika, which makes it a photographer's delight. Moreover, there is varied terrain and vegetation, including rain forests, grasslands, alpine bamboo forests and woodlands. Visitors can undertake walking safaris, or alternatively indulge in some snorkeling in Lake Tanganyika to observe up to 90 species of cichlid and other fish. Apart from the well-known chimpanzees, there are a variety of other species of primates, including the yellow baboon, Sykes monkey, red-tailed monkey, savannah, red and black & white Colobus, and two species of galago. Other animals include the bushbuck, bushpig, and grey duiker. Some of the birds found in the park include pied and giant kingfishers, crowned eagle, African broadbill, Ross's turaco and trumpeter hornbill.

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