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The Torricelli Act, passed in 1992, further strengthened the US blockade (see Embargo or Blockade?) on Cuba.  It was signed into law by President George Bush, just before the presidential election. 

Bush also pardoned Orlando Bosch that year, who was charged with killing 73 people through bombing a civilian aircraft, but escaped from his Venezuelan prison.  In the 1992 election, Bush won the Florida electroal votes due to extensive support of anti-Castro exile groups.

The Torricelli Act made the economic blockade on Cuba more severe than it had previously been.  It prevented food and medicine from being shipped to Cuba.  The only exception was humanitarian aid.

In addition, it began the Track II program.  This program was meant to support anti-Castro groups in Cuba.

The original embargo didn't prevent food and medicine sales for the sake of appearing to be different than the Soviet blockade of West Berlin.  The US heavily condemned this at the time, but now does the same thing.  Now that capitalist propaganda is less important, this act can be passed without much concern.

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