Interactive Sound Lab

In this section you will be able to interactively learn more about sound. You can learn at your own pace on this page. This section is meant to be a fun learning experience by letting you see and hear sound in action.

The Message Board
Post a message for other viewers and the creators of this page. We want your input, whether it be suggestions, questions, or more information you have to share on sound. Also, you can post soundscenes or harmonically synthesized waves that you have created with that particular applet.

Java Applets:

You will need a Java 1.1-enabled browser to run these applets. If you have one, enjoy exploring deeper into the physics of sound! The list of applets is in order of difficulty; start with the easier applets to get used to working with sound.

Beats Applet
Combine two slightly different waves and listen to the interference that results.

Doppler Effect Applet
Listen to the changes in pitch as a plane speeds past.

Harmonics Applet
Create realistic or bizarre instrument sounds by adjusting the setting for each harmonic.

Wave Applet
Change the shape of a wave and listen to its sound.

SoundScene Applet
Mix sound effects together to depict a scene using sound. Use your imagination!

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