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ICT Skills for Teachers (Office 2016 / Office 365)

Design an assessment tool (Beginner level)

As an educator you are required to regularly assess learners. You can create an assessment tool using a table in Microsoft Word. Once you have designed this assessment form, you will be able to save it, print it out and use it over and over again. You will also be able to make changes to the saved file and use it for different assessments.

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

Download an example - Design an assessment form
- Create a table in word with columns and rows
- Resize columns, change borders and shading

Create your own assessment tool - one which you will find useful. Alternatively, follow this example. To do so you would typically work through the following steps:

1. Start Microsoft Word. See how »
2. Type a heading: Include all the information you need such as the name of the learner to be assessed, the learning area and what is being assessed.
3. Save Document: In order to ensure that you do not lose your work it is a good idea to save your document now. Remember to continue saving your document as often as possible. See how »
4. Modify the heading: Select the heading, change the font, change the font size and colour to make the heading attractive. See how »
5. Insert a table: You will have to choose the number of rows and columns you need. Consult the example for some ideas. See how »
6. Merge cells: Some of your information, for example the performance scale, may need more space. You can join (merge) two or more blocks. See how »
7. Inserting columns and rows: You may like to add (insert) columns or rows as you develop the assessment sheet. See how »
8. Enter the criteria: Type in the criteria of your choice (consult the example for ideas)
9. Format the table: Change the appearance of the borders and add shading. See how »
10. Save the file: Finally, before printing, you should save your file. See how »
11. Print the file. See how »

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