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ICT Skills for Teachers (Office 2016 / Office 365)

Gather information for simple research (Beginner level)

As students respond to a challenging question that you have set them, they will first discuss the question and then identify their information needs. At this stage they will identify what information they need to gather and how to process it before finally reaching some conclusion. Microsoft OneNote is an application that will make it possible for students to gather and organise information from many sources.

Download an example By the end of this scenario you will be able to:

- Use Linked Note to manage sources
- Search for information
- Snip text from other sources into OneNote
- Search for images
- Capture images into OneNote

You are welcome to copy this scenario demonstration step-by-step, but ideally you should apply these skills while preparing your own learning resources.

1. Start Microsoft OneNote. See how »
2. Students have been posed a challenging question by the teacher.
(See the question in the example OneNote notebook)
3. Students will discuss the question.
(See the summary of their discussion in the OneNote notebook example)
4. Start a Linked Note and searching for information on the Web. See how »
5. Snip text from the Web. See how »
6. Search for images on the Web See how »
7. Capture pictures from the Web. See how »
8. Students will review the linked notes and other gathered information and construct a checklist based on the information. See how »
(Also see the “Gathered Information” pages and the “Checklist” page in the example)
9. Students may have to gather more information now that they have a better understanding.
(See the “Follow-up discussion” page in the example)
10. Students will come to a conclusion.
(See the “Conclusion” page in the example)

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