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ICT Skills for Teachers (Office 2016 / Office 365)

Share documents and work collaboratively online (Beginner level)

The strategy of students collaborating while learning is sound, but that most often translates into group work in the classroom. In the connected classroom Microsoft Office tools make it possible for students to collaborate as easily with peers in the classroom as with other students worldwide. Students and teachers can create documents using Office Online in OneDrive and share these so that documents can be constructed collaboratively, with many contributors working simultaneously on the document.

By the end of this scenario you will be able to:

- Access OneDrive
- Start a new OneDrive notebook
- Create a new OneDrive document
- Edit a OneDrive document in Word
- Share a OneDrive document

You are welcome to copy this scenario demonstration step-by-step, but ideally you and your students should apply these skills while preparing and participating in learning activities.

1. Start Microsoft OneNote. See how »
2. Start a new OneNote notebook on OneDrive. See how »
3. Add content
4. Save notebook
5. Share the OneDrive notebook. See how »

Supporting video

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» Distribute and share curriculum material

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