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ICT Skills for Teachers (Office 2016 / Office 365)

Snip images for lesson resources (Beginner level)

As an educator you will be developing a wide range of digital learning resources such as worksheets, presentations, e-learning resources, and exam/text papers. While doing so you may want to insert images that you have found on the Internet or photos, diagrams or logos that you have saved on your computer. The Windows snipping tool will make this task easier for you. Remember that while it is easy to copy and paste images to include in your documents, you should only use images that are copyright free or where you can ethically re-use them.

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

- Find the snipping tool
- Perform a free-form snip of an image
- Perform a rectangular snip of an image
- Perform a window snip of an image
- Share a snipped image by email

Work on your own lesson resource, one which you can uise in your class shortly. To snip images while designing your learning resource you would typically work through the following steps:

1. Create a worksheet. See how »
2. Find the snipping tool. See how »
3. Perform a free-form snip. You would use this if you only wanted to snip part of an image. See how »
4. Perform a rectangular snip. You would use this if you wanted to snip an image as a rectangular shape. See how »
5. Perform a window snip. You would use this if you wanted to snip a whole window of a screen. See how »
6. Share the snipped image. You would use this if you wanted to sharethe snipped image with a collague. See how »

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