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Write a disciplinary note (Beginner level)

As an educator there will be times that you may be involved in disciplinary matters. A disciplinary note can be used to keep parents informed and can also be kept for your own records. Having a digital copy of this note means that you can complete and print one whenever you need it. Microsoft Word can be used to create a disciplinary note template for this purpose.

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

Download an example - Create a disciplinary form template
- Create a heading
- Insert tables
- Format tables
- Draw lines
- Save as template
- Print a file

Create your own disciplinary note - one which you will find useful. Alternatively, follow this example. To do so you would typically work through the following steps:

1. Start Microsoft Word. See how »
2. Create a heading: Insert the name of your school and design the title of the form using the tip sheets. See how »
3. Inserting tables: You will need spaces in which to write the information. Insert tables in order to do this. See how »
4. Formatting tables: When you have created tables you will need to change the appearance of text in the table or the size of the tables or individual cells. See how »
5. Draw and format lines: Include lines of your choice. See how »
6. Saving as a template: Once you are satisfied that your form is correct you may save it as a template. You will then be able to edit it at any time, print it out and use it repeatedly. See how »
7. Print the file. See how »

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