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Create multimedia e-learning lesson presentations (Intermediate level)

As an educator you may have used Microsoft PowerPoint to to support you during a classroom presentation. Now that many more students have personal devices in class and at home you have the opportunity to develop e-learning lessons. Using the Mix plugin to Microsoft PowerPoint you can upgrade an original presentation into an e-learning resource by capturing your video, audio, screen shots and screen recordings. You can also create new e-learning resources.

By the end of this task you could achieve the following outcomes:

Download an example - Download and install Office Mix
- Access the Office Mix gallery online
- Prepare for a recording
- Start a recording
- Record and annotate slides
- Preview a recording
- Create a screencast recording
- Capture screen shots
- Export a Mix to video

Create your own Mix presentation- one which you will find useful. To do so you would typically work through the following steps:

1. Download and install Office Mix. See how »
2. Start Microsoft PowerPoint. See how »
3. Open an existing presentation or create a simple presentation See how »
4. Save your work: Remember to save you work regularly. See how »
5. Prepare for a Mix recording: Set up your cam. audio, pen colour and nib size. See how »
6. Start a recording. See how »
Record and annotate the slide(s) while recording. See how »
7. Preview your recording. See how »
8. Capture and insert a process as a screen recording: If you want to demonstrate how to perform a function on the device as part of the presentation you can capture and insert a video of the demonstration. See how »
9. Capture and insert screen shot: If you would like to insert an excerpt from a screen or a whole screen shot in your presentation you can do so with Office Mix. See how »
10. Export the presentation to video: If you would like to place the presentation on your blog or another website for your students you can export it to a video format to suit the requirement. See how »
11. Save your Mix presentation.

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