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Office 365 for Education


Office 365 for Education Provisioning Guide

» Getting started
» Signing up for Office 365
» Adding users (individually)
» Adding users (bulk users)
» Version upgrade
» Technical stuff
» Glossary

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Communication with email, contacts and calendar

» Email, calendars and contacts
» Scenario: Connecting other accounts to email
» Scenario: People and contacts
» Scenario: Setting up and using distribution groups
» Scenario: Staff communication and info gathering
» Scenario: Staff professional development
» Scenario: Using and sharing calendars

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Productivity with Office Online* and OneDrive**

» Using Office Online through SharePoint
» Using Office Online through OneDrive
» Scenario: Using Office Online for assessment
» Scenario: Using OneNote for student ePortfolios
» Scenario: Using an Excel Online survey

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Connect with the world using Lync and instant messaging

» Using Lync in your school or education institution
» Scenario: Scheduling a Lync meeting
» Scenario: Student revision session
» Scenario: Using a Lync meeting
» Scenario: Using IM for out of school help

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Shared workspaces for collaboration and creativity using SharePoint Sites

Setting up SharePoint
» Setup guide for SharePoint for Education
» Scenario: Setting up a public website
» Scenario: Creating a subsite

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Using SharePoint in Education
» Setting up a personal SharePoint site
» Scenario: Using the Survey App
» Scenario: Using a team site in SharePoint
» Scenario: Setting up a student site
» Scenario: Class projects & assignment submission

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Safe and secure social networking with Yammer

» Setting up and using Yammer
» 20 ways to use Yammer in Education

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50 ways to connect your learning with your life with Office 365

» 50 ways to use Office 365 for Education

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*Formerly known as Office Web Apps. **Formerly known as SkyDrive.